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Please Vote… American Crafters Round 2

This has been one long week. I have been sick all week actually I've missed work every day but Monday. I decided today that I couldn't get well by myself so I went to see the J P my favorite Nurse Practitioner, I love that lady. She is such a hoot, no matter how bad I feel she always makes me laugh. I have bronchitis, throat infection and sinus infection. Thank means I'm home for the weekend.
So during this, I struggled to get my Round 2 project finished. I hope you like and will vote for me, and if you can't vote for me please go vote. I can promise you these ladies have worked really hard on these crafts.   
Snow Buddies Sweatshirt
This sweatshirt was made with my grandboys in mind. It was made with sewing, hand applique, hand embroidery and machine embroidery. I used white minky dot for the snow and the snowman, white fleece for the word Snow, green corduroy for the tree as well as sweater and cotton fabrics. I had a blast making this and can’t wait to see the boys wearing it. Don’t you just love the snow angle?
DSC03107  DSC03108

I hope you can see the detail and time I spent making this. I would love to move on to Round 3. Please click on the blog below and VOTE!!!!! Please
Blessings, Lori

I made it to Round 2..... Thanks for voting for me!!!!

American Crafters Round #2
I am so excited that I've made it to Round 2 of the American Crafters!!!! There were some Great ideas and I feel honored to be among this group. Now it's time to start coming up with something new for this round!!!
Thanks so much for those that voted for me and if you would like to have a car magnet for your Valentine, email me at
Have a wonderful day.

American Crafters Round 1 “Valentine's Day CAR MAGNET”

 “Valentine's Day CAR MAGNET”
I am SUPER EXCITED to be Crafting with all these Fabulous Ladies.
Originally I had another idea for my Round 1 craft, but I think that this indeed is the Greatest Valentine’s Day gift. It is made using magnetic roll material (for signs, can be purchased at most signs shops), vinyl and lots of love. I came up with what I wanted to put on it, searched the internet for clip art, and cut it out then attached it to the magnets.  The vinyl can be cut with a Cricut or Silhouette.  I plan on using these for Valentine’s Day gifts for my friends & family.  When they least expect it, a wonderful surprise with a personal message will be awaiting your Special Valentine.  I hope you enjoy this craft as much as I have.
Please head over to naptime crafters, link below and vote for me if you feel I'm deserving and if you can't vote for me please vote for those you love.



American Crafters

American Crafters here I come!!!!!!!
Today is the last day to enter the American Crafters "Next American Crafter". I think it it's going to be a blast. I have gone craft crazy over the last month and having more fun than I should. It has been a long time since I've used this special  gift that the Lord gave me. I hope to begin to use it again to honor him while having a good time.
 Hope you enjoy my Multi-Purpose Chalkboard Door

Door was painted with Rust-Oleum Chalk Board Paint and was really easy to use. The door was washed and we let it dry before we started. Painted the first coat using a small roller.  It will dry in about 30 minutes but you need to wait 4 hours before you add the second coat. After adding the second coat you will need to wait 3 Days for conditioning before you use it. One of the great things about this you can wash it with soap and water and it looks just like you painted it. This is my friend Stefanie painting for me.

 Now were ready to add the vinyl calendar. You can cut this with your Crickit or Silhouette. Apply to the door at a place good for you. We placed ours at the top. Vinyl is really easy to apply and looks great!

You can contact me if you don't have a way to get one and I will help you out. Now it's ready to go but I thought it needed a little something extra so I decided to do a fabric heart to celebrate Valentine's Day. I plan to change this out with something special each month. I decided to use my heart fabric for this project. I usually make my own patterns or free-hand 
my creations. It is really easier than you think. 

After cutting out the heart I sewed it together with the right sides together leaving an opening on the side then turning it right side out and filling it with stuffing. Then hand stitched the remaining opening. I wasn't sure what to hang it with so I used some double sided velcro.

My Multi-Purpose Chalkboard Door
I just love it and it has been a HUGE help. It's easier to keep up with things, you can see it all at a glance and the kids will love being able to play on the bottom half.

Because He first love me,