Friday, October 15, 2010

This & That and Our last day in Slovenia

This & That and our last day in Slovenia!!!! I wanted to share with you a few random things from the week. I always seem to have a problem with the electricity here in Bovec. Not with everything just those things that make us ladies look a little more beautiful. Last year I blew out my chi and this year I blew out the power and yes I have a converter. On Monday I was trying to use my blow dryer and blew out the power in our room so I just let my hair dry naturally. Natural is the way here in Slovenia. On Thursday I blew out the power to the whole building. I was heading to the owners apartment to share with them and the owner met me outside. He wanted to know what I was doing because they had never had this happen before. Really!!!!! Leave it to me to be the first. I showed him by holding my hand close to my head and making a blowing sound. I promised I wouldn’t do it again. He was really nice. OK here’s the real punch line. After we returned home that night they brought Becky not only one but two European hair dryers for me to use the rest of the time we were here. Oh and by the way I left all of my curling apparatuses in the states. We were having a little trouble with the drain in our bathroom. Nothing really big or so I thought. I was taking a shower and Lynn said are you finished and I said not yet he said I think you are I said no not quite yet and he said you are the water is running into the living area. So I had to get out of the shower and wash my hair in the sink. Yes I had flooded the place. Not really flooded but it was getting pretty wet. They came that afternoon and fixed the drain. I hope you can see the humor in all of this and not the inconvenience. Because it’s not what happens to us in life it’s how we view it and handle it that counts. I continue to learn that daily.
One thing I have especially enjoyed is when one of us would say a sentence that had a word we related to a song we would bust out singing and most of the time everyone else singing along with us while laughing all the time (Bro. Ken Stosgdill and I use to do this when we both worked at the church)
Friday: Today was the first day that Lynn and I got to spend some time together in the country. We had a wonderful time with the Trull’s and J.P.. Here are a few pictures of the places we went.

Sharing some videos.

Take a look at these videos. I think you will love them.!/video/video.php?v=452620946951

Walking our legs & feet off!

I can't imagine living in bible times with all the walking they did. We spent all day sharing literature in Bovec & Plusna. Hills, Hills, more Hills. It was an unbelievable day. We went to an area of Bovec that none of our team had ever seen and never knew was there. It was a huge community with appartments and houses. Right now there are flowers everywhere and they are beautiful. I so wish I could grow flowers like these in Magnolia.
We saw lots of cats everyday. This was a sweet little kitty that was really shy.
The Sheep Herder We were heading back to Bovec and we saw the funniest thing. These sheep were heading down the road with a red van behind them. We found out that the van was the sheep herder. It was really funny.