Saturday, October 2, 2010

Logoly State Park

Spent the afternoon with one of my BFF's Linda, my other kids & my grandboy Connor. It was a blast!!!!! We had a picnic and then headed to the information center. There we looked at snakes, spiders, bugs, an alligator, all of which I hate. We bought fish food then to feed the fish. Kyle, Jessica, Madison & Connor There were so many fish and some of them were huge. Connor is taking the rest of his fish food across the pond and being a silly boy. Used the remaining fish food to feed the ducks. We quacked like ducks and shook the food in bags to bring them to us. This is one of my favorites. Kyle was so sweet to help with Connor and Connor loves Kyle. How precious is this! We walked for what seemed like forever. I carried Connor, Linda carried Connor and we both grabbed an arm and ran with him. At one point Kyle said "I think we just went in a circle." I was beginning to get worried and all Linda could do was laugh at me. I was really relieved when we finally saw the road. We made it!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like we walked about 2.75 miles of trails. Then we headed to the playground for a little fun for Connor. What a beautiful day it was. We are so lucky to have a state park so close to us. I plan to use it more in the future. Blessings, Lori