Friday, February 4, 2011

Finger Print Friday & What I love today...

Friday's are one of my favorite Blog Linkys with Finger Print Friday over at The Rusted Chain and I'm also participating with What I love today over at cinnamon*sticks designs and today they are both the same thing so I got to have one post.
                 I LOVE THE SNOW!!!!!!!

 It snowed most of the day today and I was so happy. They have been talking about it for a few days but I never really believe it till I see it. Well when I got up this morning, there it was!!! It was snowing but just a little. It kept getting bigger & bigger!!!!
So I've been in all day today hanging out in my pj's, drinking coffee, playing on the computer all while watching the most beautiful fire.
Guess you could call me lazy.
This picture was taken looking out in the yard while standing on the front porch.

Can you see the Finger Prints of God? I certainly can. Snowflakes are the most beautiful things and each are very unique, just like us. God made all of different.

Looking into the back yard!

My view from the couch!!!

Come share with us your Finger Print Friday and What I love today...
Blessings, Lori

American Crafters Round 1 Voting has begun.......

Sorry I was away yesterday from the give away. I was in a crisis with my craft for the American Crafters Round 1 craft. I had this wonderful idea that I just couldn't get to work out. I had been up all night the night before and had to have it in by 11:00 AM. So I had to regroup and try to come up with something else and boy did I. The crafts are in and need to be voted on. Please, Please, Please go vote, and if you can't vote for me vote anyway.
The theme was Valentine's Day which is February 14th and my Birthday. "Love Magnet" is #14,

Can't wait till Monday to see who moves on!!!!
Please go over and vote!
Blessings, Lori