Friday, February 11, 2011

Please Vote… American Crafters Round 2

This has been one long week. I have been sick all week actually I've missed work every day but Monday. I decided today that I couldn't get well by myself so I went to see the J P my favorite Nurse Practitioner, I love that lady. She is such a hoot, no matter how bad I feel she always makes me laugh. I have bronchitis, throat infection and sinus infection. Thank means I'm home for the weekend. 

So during this, I struggled to get my Round 2 project finished. I hope you like and will vote for me, and if you can't vote for me please go vote. I can promise you these ladies have worked really hard on these crafts.     

Snow Buddies Sweatshirt


This sweatshirt was made with my grandboys in mind. It was made with sewing, hand applique, hand embroidery and machine embroidery. I used white minky dot for the snow and the snowman, white fleece for the word Snow, green corduroy for the tree as well as sweater and cotton fabrics. I had a blast making this and can’t wait to see the boys wearing it. Don’t you just love the snow angle?

DSC03107   DSC03108




I hope you can see the detail and time I spent making this. I would love to move on to Round 3. Please click on the blog below and VOTE!!!!! Please


Blessings, Lori