Saturday, May 28, 2011

Never been so tired...

First I want to say a Thank you for those special comments. They are so special to me. We have been through so much since I've posted. I wanted to shared a few things mostly for me to remember. We rushed to have the visitation on Sunday and the graveside service on Monday. Wanted to make it easy on everyone. I filled out the information for the funeral home and obituary trying to get help from the sons. Guess what? I failed to list Mrs. Story's only living brother. I got the ones that have passed on. I was really upset but it was to late. On Sunday morning we had to go to the funeral home to make sure she look OK. She looked so much better than she did the last weeks but her hair was a mess. So I got a pick comb and some hairspray and went to work. By the time I finished she looked really good. I've never done anything like that before but I knew it needed to be done. We decided that we would leave the casket open for about 30 minutes for the family then close it before the visitation and keep it closed at the service. Mrs. Story was a private lady and we didn't think she would want folks looking at her. Jodi(our daughter), Michelle(our nurse for them) and I carried Mr. Story to the church to eat lunch and to the service. Our church, Central Baptist, is wonderful when you loose someone. They fix a meal for the family on the day of the funeral. Thanks to them for all they do. And a special thanks to Jodi for all her help. I couldn't have made it these last two months with out her. She would stay with the Story's when I didn't have someone, to give me a break. She worked at the store, went to the store, just anything we needed. Back to the visitation. I spent most of the time with Mr. Story and I tell you it was one of the hardest things I've ever done. He began patting her head/hair and lips then her arms. Then he stood up and began kissing her on forehead and lips. He was trying to see if she was really dead. Oh my, I began to cry. I was trying so hard not to cry in front of him. I spent the rest of the hour and a half wiping his tears, assuring him that she was with Jesus and that we would take good care of him. There were lots of visitors that shared how sweet Mrs. Story was and how much they loved her. We then went to their house for some wonderful food that was prepared by the sweet folks at Kathy's Dance Arts Studio in Magnolia. I was so thankful that Josh and his precious girlfriend spent the night with us. Monday is kind of a blur. We met at the church for lunch and headed to the cemetery for the service. I was sure to add her brother and the Bro. Mike did a wonderful job. Mr. Story started crying the minute we got there. I sat with him while we were there and Lynn has to set by himself. I felt so torn with where I should be. My cousin Bille and her husband came and locked their keys in the truck. The nicest locksmith came and opened it without charging them. After the service we went to the Story's for some stories. We had a blast. I know Nanny would have been happy. Laura, Jeremy, Jodi and the grands were at our house while the babies napped. Laura was so sweet to clean up my kitchen. What a blessing the kids have been. The days since the service have been hard. I miss Nanny but I'm so thankful that she isn't suffering any longer. Papaw seems to be doing better. He hasn't cried much and has been sleeping all night. We are so thankful for that. My brain has just not wanted to work. Tuesday we opened the store and I was a mess. I just couldn't make my brain work. I just couldn't. Lynn finally sent me home to rest. I was better on Wednesday and Thursday but Friday was brain mush again. I haven't slept very good. I think I have my days and nights mixed up. My plan for this long weekend is to rest and try to clean up some of this house that has been neglected for a couple of months. I have slept off and on all today. I hope by Tuesday morning I will be back to my old self. Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Remember those who have given their lives for us all.
Blessings, Lori