Saturday, April 10, 2010

10 Things on the Tenth

10 Things on the Tenth is something new for me so today I am going to share 10 things I've love about my life and a special prayers for each. 1. I love the fact that My Heavenly Father loves me and I know that I will spend forever with him. My prayer is that I will spend more time with him daily and share his love with everyone. 2. I love my husband with all of my heart. Lynn is the best husband in the world. One of the special things he does for me is he keeps my car filled with gas. He loves to cook and is a hard worker. My prayer is that I can be the wife that Lynn needs. 3. I love our children, Lance & Felice, Curt & Gracanne, Jay, Jeremy & Laura, Josh & Christine and Jodi. They are all special in different ways. My prayer for them is that they will desire to have a deep relationship with Christ. 4. I love our Grandkids more that I thought I could. Mack, Reed, Connor, Graham & Bliss. They are a wonderful gift that God has given us. My prayer is that I will be the best Christian Grams and share the love of Christ with each of them and that they will choose him. 5. I love our parents and am thankful for all that I have learned (good & bad) from them. My prayer is to be a better daughter. 6. I love my family and friends. I am so thankful for my family and the friends that God has given me. I am so amazed in how much my friends are like family to me. My prayer is that I will be the friend that Christ wants me to be. 7. I love my Job. I have such a good time and can't wait for all the new things we are doing. My prayer is that I will wait on God and honor him with our business. 8. I love my home and I'm so thankful that God provided it for us. My prayer is that I will take better care of it and use it to further the kingdom. 9. I love my church and I'm so thankful for what Central Baptist Church has meant to me and my family for 20 years. My prayer is that I will be a better member. 10. I love my community/town. It is Great to live in a place like Magnolia. My prayer is that I will encourage others in our area and for all of us to be better citizens. Love to all, Lori