Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lacey’s Shower

Lacey is a special person in my life and has been for a long time. She and Jodi were in bed babies together at church years ago and they have been friends since they were old enough to know each other. I consider Lacey one of my other children. She has worked with me for 2.5 years and is a joy. She is due to have a sweet baby boy Harlin at the end of April.  So Jodi, Stefanie and I decided to host a little baby shower for her.


It’s been kind of crazy getting it all together. I have been under the weather for two weeks and we live 45 minutes from anywhere to get craft things. Many people have been picking things up for us. Thanks to all of you!!! We had a wonderful time and she got lots of great baby things. Part of our decorations were a small clothes line with a cap, gown and burp cloth personalized and a banner made from blue and brown paper with my Cricut. I didn’t have any ribbon and forgot to ask someone to get me some so I had to use the twine. I do plan to get some cute ribbon to remake this so that she can include it in his room.  DSC03136                                                                        We played one game of put the diaper on the baby. It was so funny.DSC03143



We had three groups, the funny thing was when we realized that the three sisters were the babies for this game. They were so cute.


We also did a couple of other things. One being we had a package of newborn diapers and each person got a couple of them. They wrote something funny or sweet on the fronts of the diapers so during the first couple of weeks when it’s so hard being a new parent she will have something that will make her smile.



I also made little tag cards and each person wrote their name and what gift they brought on the front and their address on the back. Makes it a little easier for thank you cards. Then Lacey will take those and put them in her scrapbook.

Nana, Lacey, Holly (her mother)& Karleigh (her sister)DSC03122

These girls have known each other since grade school. Except for Morgan (on the right of Lacey, she is Lacey’s sister).DSC03128





From left to right: Heather Hinson Becker, Jodi Cheney, Kourtney Ely Langheld, Lacey Collier, Morgan Collier and Megan

We had some wonderful things to eat and drink. Lynn (my husband) made the most wonderful cupcakes, Stefanie made sausage balls, Jodi brought a fruit tray and we had orange juice/7up and snickeroo coffee.


There were treats for every one to take home. Made with small Hershey's bars, strips of scrapbook paper cut to fit and tied on with tulle in colors that match. They were really cute. Lacey is going to take the leftovers to the hospital for a take home treat after your visit to see the baby.

Hope you enjoyed sharing this special day with us. Blessings, Lori