Saturday, October 24, 2009

God sends the rain.

Thursday it rained all day and I mean really rained. The guys were able to finish the 6 benches on Wednesday. Thank you Lord for this special gift. They worked so hard and really pushed themselves to get them finished because they knew the rain was coming. We spent the day with Joe Kim and the kids. We shopped for things to grill and had a late lunch. Several folks played Joker. Just to let you know that there are several of really competative people on our trip. I spent some of the day instant messaging video with Lynn which was good because he had some things that I could help him with. God is so good and know just when things need to happen. I promise you can see him at work if you just look. We really needed a break and it was fun to just enjoy spending time with the missionaries. J.P. had to go back to Ljubjlana for a program that the PTA sponsors. It was called Scary Story Night. He showed the movie The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. He said that the kids really enjoyed it. Joe grilled chicken, hamburger sauage things, sauage, potatoe salad, grilled vegies and birthday cake for Gene and Becky. Gene's birthday was on Thursday. We ate a late meal for supper. The food is really good and there is something for everyone. I am real pickie about my food but I have tried hard to eat different things. I tried hot pumpkin soup and wasn't real crazy about it. Will post more later. Sending my love, Lori