Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

 Today was Great!!!! and sad all at the same time. We spent the morning at the Ljubljana city museum and also went to a first century baptistery. It was awesome. There is so much history in this country. J. P. is really excited. He has been working to build a relationship with the folks at the museum. He may even be able to help with a Christian exhibit. This is really big. We also went sharing. Bro. David and I were together today and we talked to several people. One of the young ladies didn't know what a bible was or who Jesus was. This is something we Americans take for granted. We all have a Christian foundation to build from. This just breaks my heart!!!! Robert and Sarah Ellen had an opportunity to talk to two guys who are studying philosophy . John and Dolores talked with a guy who was an atheist. He was very receptive to what they had to say. Grace was with J. P. and they had an opportunity to talk with two young ladies. (We all are talking to lots of folks but these are the ones I think I should share.) During our discussions we are inviting them to come to a meal and a lecture about Primoz Trubar. He is very important to them. Look that up on the Internet and read about it if you have time. Hopefully we will have some interest there. We rode the bus to J. P. & Angie's to have supper and visited with their daughter Bethany. It was a great time of sharing. I just love them. They have committed to give there life to the Lord. WOW 

Question to all of us! Have I committed my life to the Lord? My whole life? Is He the most important thing in my life? If He came back today would He be happy with what I am filling my life with?
Love to you all,
PS: Thanks Lynn for the info it will be a great help. I love you!
Hope to post pictures tomorrow.