Monday, May 10, 2010

10 Things on the Tenth

Today is 10 Things on the Tenth - Since Mother's Day was yesterday and I have wanted to share these things with my daughter Jodi and my daughters-in-law Laura, Felice and Gracanne. I am giving 10 things you need to know to be a better mother. 1. Take care of yourself because your family needs you to be healthy and stress free. 2. Spend some time away from the kids having fun. You will have more fun with them. 3. When your babies are teenagers it won't matter if everything in your house was clean. 4. Get in the floor and play with your kids. As I look back I didn't spend much time on the floor with mine. I was busy working, cleaning, doing laundry and making sure everything was done. 5. Pick your battles. There will be lot's of BIG things they will get in trouble for so don't make the little things so big. 6. Your child/children are not perfect and will make mistakes. Remember that!!!! Help them to see when they are wrong!!! 7. Don't try to be there friend. They are going to dislike you often. Just remember you are helping to grow them into a productive adult that will love the Lord. 8. Support the things they like to do not the things you would like for them to do. Not every child wants to play ball or dance. 9. Tell them EVERYDAY that you love them and always will no matter what. 10. Show them the Love of God always. Encourage them to love the Lord with all their hearts by example. Happy Parenting!!!