Friday, May 20, 2011

Dying process...

Mrs. Story made it through the surgery great but woke up extremely mad. She thinks that we are trying to prolong her life and is ready to die. She has been saying for months that she is tired and ready to go on. I know she has to be. The COPD has made her life so hard. But having surgery to repair the hip was mainly for comfort. She wouldn't work with therapy so they just sent us home and she was doing pretty good. On Wednesday things changed and she has crossed over into the dying process. The hospice nurse called me to tell me it could be anytime. I went and spent the rest of the day with her but she was still really mad at me and let's just say it was better for me not to be in the room with her. She wouldn't swallow so I would have to blow up her nose to make her so she could take the morphine. I have been pushed harder and further than ever with Nanny(that what we call her) than ever before. Many medical procedures that one should never have to do to anyone but their children when they are babies. The Lord has been faithful to give me the strength to do it. During all this we are having the busiest week we have the whole year at the store. Trying to be there and with Nanny has been a challenge. I had to work yesterday morning, there are lots of folks counting on us. I got a call from the nurse that I needed to come it was really close. I spent the afternoon and evening with her just holding her hand. I think she is not as mad as she would let me sit there with her. She has been close several times in the last two days which is such a drain. My sister-in-law, Karen, spent the afternoon with me which was wonderful. Our husbands just can't be there. Hers is better than mine but they just can't and that's OK. God has given us to one another to be what the other can't be. I am so thankful that he choose me to take care of her. Please pray for our family as we continue this process. God is so faithful we know and know that His plan will will be done.
Because of His promise, Lori