Thursday, March 24, 2011

24 Hours in a Day

This evening I'm still at work while the embroidery machine is still running a job that has over 54000 stitches, and I'm tired. I got here at 6:30AM and been on the run since.
These last few days have been really stressful. Hospice is in place for Mrs. Story and we have secured at home care during the day. We spoke with the nurse today and she suggested that we begin to find round the clock care. That is 24 hours!!!!!! It is hard to find someone that wants to work for 8 hours let alone 24. It's just almost more than my mind can get around! I hate managing people, in fact I'm horrible at it. God just didn't give me that gift. I can but I stink at it. I just want everyone to do their job. I have two employees at the store and now it looks like I'm gonna have at least 5 more!!!!!
The lady we have for the day is AWESOME!!!!!!! She does a great job and I don't have to worry about anything while she is there.
I am so THANKFUL!!! There is always a beautiful flower in the garden you just have to look for it.
As you can see I'm really tired and rambling.
Hope to share soon.
Because He first loved me,