Saturday, February 26, 2011

Missing Graham's Birthday Party

Today has been really hard for me. It was our sweet Grandboy “Tractor Man” Graham’s Birthday party and we had to miss it because I’m still stuck in the house sick. I"ve have been sick over three weeks and  finally think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yea!!! God has a way of showing us when we need to slow down and when we don’t, He will give us a reason to. I've missed 10 days of work and I have never missed 10 days of work in my life, unless I had kids or surgery!  I know Graham had lots of fun and got lots of neat things. Can’t wait to see the pictures. Hope you all enjoyed your Saturday and will be heading to your place of worship in the morning. Looks like I will miss church one more Sunday. Hope I will be back next week.

A note to Graham…   
Graham, It’s hard to believe that you are “2”. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were waiting for your arrival. You are such a sweet boy that loves his Pop and maybe Grams a little. We are so thankful that God has blessed our family with you.
Happy Birthday Graham,                          
We love you,                                                                
Pop and Grams

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Graham’s Birthday Shirt

I had lots of fun today finishing up my sweet grandboy Graham’s Birthday shirt. DSC03161
He will be 2 on Friday and we’re celebrating with the family on Saturday!! The shirt turned out way better that I thought it would. It is just precious just like him. It’s done on a brown tee with applique and embroidery. I used several different fabrics. Chenille, corduroy, fleece & cotton. I hope he will love it as much as I love him.                                                                         Blessings, Lori

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lacey’s Shower

Lacey is a special person in my life and has been for a long time. She and Jodi were in bed babies together at church years ago and they have been friends since they were old enough to know each other. I consider Lacey one of my other children. She has worked with me for 2.5 years and is a joy. She is due to have a sweet baby boy Harlin at the end of April.  So Jodi, Stefanie and I decided to host a little baby shower for her.


It’s been kind of crazy getting it all together. I have been under the weather for two weeks and we live 45 minutes from anywhere to get craft things. Many people have been picking things up for us. Thanks to all of you!!! We had a wonderful time and she got lots of great baby things. Part of our decorations were a small clothes line with a cap, gown and burp cloth personalized and a banner made from blue and brown paper with my Cricut. I didn’t have any ribbon and forgot to ask someone to get me some so I had to use the twine. I do plan to get some cute ribbon to remake this so that she can include it in his room.  DSC03136                                                                        We played one game of put the diaper on the baby. It was so funny.DSC03143



We had three groups, the funny thing was when we realized that the three sisters were the babies for this game. They were so cute.


We also did a couple of other things. One being we had a package of newborn diapers and each person got a couple of them. They wrote something funny or sweet on the fronts of the diapers so during the first couple of weeks when it’s so hard being a new parent she will have something that will make her smile.



I also made little tag cards and each person wrote their name and what gift they brought on the front and their address on the back. Makes it a little easier for thank you cards. Then Lacey will take those and put them in her scrapbook.

Nana, Lacey, Holly (her mother)& Karleigh (her sister)DSC03122

These girls have known each other since grade school. Except for Morgan (on the right of Lacey, she is Lacey’s sister).DSC03128





From left to right: Heather Hinson Becker, Jodi Cheney, Kourtney Ely Langheld, Lacey Collier, Morgan Collier and Megan

We had some wonderful things to eat and drink. Lynn (my husband) made the most wonderful cupcakes, Stefanie made sausage balls, Jodi brought a fruit tray and we had orange juice/7up and snickeroo coffee.


There were treats for every one to take home. Made with small Hershey's bars, strips of scrapbook paper cut to fit and tied on with tulle in colors that match. They were really cute. Lacey is going to take the leftovers to the hospital for a take home treat after your visit to see the baby.

Hope you enjoyed sharing this special day with us. Blessings, Lori


Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday to everyone. I didn't make it to round 3 of American Crafters but there are some VERY talented ladies who have spent many hours on their crafts. Please go over and vote for your 3 favorite. I can promise you that they appreciate it.

It was truly a blessing that I didn't make it to round 3 even though I was a little disappointed. I could have never made it through. I have been really sick and I'm hosting a baby shower at my home for Lacey, one of the best employees in the world. She is also very special to our family. She & my daughter, Jodi have been best friends since they were little bitty girls. I will share some pictures later this weekend.

Share some love with someone who isn't expecting it.
Blessings, Lori

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to sweet Laura



Today is my other daughter’s birthday. She is one of the sweetest people I know and I love her soooo much. She loves the Lord, is a wonderful wife to my son, Jeremy and the Best mother to my sweet grandboy, Graham. She is a SAHM which I believe is the hardest job in the world and she does an AWESOME job. I am blessed beyond measure and so thankful that God sent her to us.

God Bless you, Laura today and everyday,

Love you, Lori AKA”Grams”

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day/Birthday Give-Away

Today is a special day, it is my birthday and I love birthdays.

So for my birthday I am hosting a GREAT Give-Away. There will be 14 total items given away today by What you have to do: follow my blog, make a comment about what you would like to have and leave an email address. That’s it! I am hoping that you will play with us! Share with your friends so we will have lots to play along with us.
Give-Away Items
These 3 are provided by Hannah over at A Southern Belles Charm. She is a precious young lady with an awesome talent. Take a look at her blog and see some of her creations.


My Vinyl Designer has offered this wonderful vector art. You will be able to have your choice of one of the following letter monogram download from Choose your design and they will email it to you. Be sure to tell them that you were the winner in the Give-Away over at Lori’s Storys.

Two books are up for grabs from Ceil Bridges at

“A Box of Love for Ozella,” by: Ceil Bridges was written to teach students about Love. Ozella learns to love her dog, Okie, by treating him the way she wants to be treated. The students see the transformation and the rewards that being a friend brings to your life. You can check out her other books on her website
The Best Birthday Ever
This wonderful book tells the story of Christmas and how to bring Jesus into the Holiday Season. Dawson, Adelynn, and Grandmother plan Jesus' Birthday Party. The party preparation includes shopping for the tree and partyhats, making a banner and a birthday cake, and singing new, original songs that have the children wrapped up in J.E.S.U.S. throughout the CHRISTmas Season. The book comes with a CD and three original Christmas songs

Itsy Bitsy Stitches will be providing a several items. They include diaper cover/panties with name in the color of your choice and matching bows from Itsy Bitsy Stitches by Story's.

A onesie with appliqued Owl design your choice of boy or girl design.
A onesie with appliqued Easter design your choice of boy or girl design.
A pair of boxers size 6-12 months with initials in your choice of color.
A vinyl calendar in your choice of colors, red, black, royal and white.

1 Baby bib your choice of color with appliqued initial name if the color scheme of your choice.

One key ring in the color scheme of your choice with name.
Last but not least Bekah from over at Bizzy B's is giving a $30.00 gift certificate for something special from her store. She has some beautiful things. I feel so lucky that she is sharing with us. Click on her button for a trip to see what she has. Wish I could win it. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!
Blessings, Lori

Friday, February 11, 2011

Please Vote… American Crafters Round 2

This has been one long week. I have been sick all week actually I've missed work every day but Monday. I decided today that I couldn't get well by myself so I went to see the J P my favorite Nurse Practitioner, I love that lady. She is such a hoot, no matter how bad I feel she always makes me laugh. I have bronchitis, throat infection and sinus infection. Thank means I'm home for the weekend. 

So during this, I struggled to get my Round 2 project finished. I hope you like and will vote for me, and if you can't vote for me please go vote. I can promise you these ladies have worked really hard on these crafts.     

Snow Buddies Sweatshirt


This sweatshirt was made with my grandboys in mind. It was made with sewing, hand applique, hand embroidery and machine embroidery. I used white minky dot for the snow and the snowman, white fleece for the word Snow, green corduroy for the tree as well as sweater and cotton fabrics. I had a blast making this and can’t wait to see the boys wearing it. Don’t you just love the snow angle?

DSC03107   DSC03108




I hope you can see the detail and time I spent making this. I would love to move on to Round 3. Please click on the blog below and VOTE!!!!! Please


Blessings, Lori

Monday, February 7, 2011

I made it to Round 2..... Thanks for voting for me!!!!

American Crafters Round #2
I am so excited that I've made it to Round 2 of the American Crafters!!!! There were some Great ideas and I feel honored to be among this group. Now it's time to start coming up with something new for this round!!!
Thanks so much for those that voted for me and if you would like to have a car magnet for your Valentine, email me at
Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Monday's Blog Hop Give-Away

Monday's Blog Hop Give-Away -"Whooo Loves Some Fun Scavenger Hunt" Activity. So here's how to play, you MUST be a follower. Pick one Blogger from my Blog List and visit their blog, if you like it follow them. Comment who you visited and you liked. Be sure to add your email to the comment. A winner will be chosen by and you'll know by morning.Please Grab My Button!! Encourage your friends, bloggers and any one else to come play with us. Then click on the link below and come play with us over there.
<a  href=""  target="_blank"><img alt="Just Married with Coupons"  src=""  /></a>

Today's prizes 
“A Box of Love for Ozella,” by: Ceil Bridges was written to teach students about Love. Ozella learns to love her dog, Okie, by treating him the way she wants to be treated. The students see the transformation and the rewards that being a friend brings to your life. You can check out her other books on her website
I will be giving away " The Best Birthday Ever" book next week.
        a of diaper cover/panties with name in the color of your choice and matching bows from Itsy Bitsy Stitches by Story's.

The first number will receive the book and the second will receive the panties. I have some wonderful items still to be given away. Come back each day to see what were doing. 
Blessings, Lori

American Crafters Round 1 “Valentine's Day CAR MAGNET”

 “Valentine's Day CAR MAGNET”
I am SUPER EXCITED to be Crafting with all these Fabulous Ladies.
Originally I had another idea for my Round 1 craft, but I think that this indeed is the Greatest Valentine’s Day gift. It is made using magnetic roll material (for signs, can be purchased at most signs shops), vinyl and lots of love. I came up with what I wanted to put on it, searched the internet for clip art, and cut it out then attached it to the magnets.  The vinyl can be cut with a Cricut or Silhouette.  I plan on using these for Valentine’s Day gifts for my friends & family.  When they least expect it, a wonderful surprise with a personal message will be awaiting your Special Valentine.  I hope you enjoy this craft as much as I have.
Please head over to naptime crafters, link below and vote for me if you feel I'm deserving and if you can't vote for me please vote for those you love.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Finger Print Friday & What I love today...

Friday's are one of my favorite Blog Linkys with Finger Print Friday over at The Rusted Chain and I'm also participating with What I love today over at cinnamon*sticks designs and today they are both the same thing so I got to have one post.
                 I LOVE THE SNOW!!!!!!!

 It snowed most of the day today and I was so happy. They have been talking about it for a few days but I never really believe it till I see it. Well when I got up this morning, there it was!!! It was snowing but just a little. It kept getting bigger & bigger!!!!
So I've been in all day today hanging out in my pj's, drinking coffee, playing on the computer all while watching the most beautiful fire.
Guess you could call me lazy.
This picture was taken looking out in the yard while standing on the front porch.

Can you see the Finger Prints of God? I certainly can. Snowflakes are the most beautiful things and each are very unique, just like us. God made all of different.

Looking into the back yard!

My view from the couch!!!

Come share with us your Finger Print Friday and What I love today...
Blessings, Lori

American Crafters Round 1 Voting has begun.......

Sorry I was away yesterday from the give away. I was in a crisis with my craft for the American Crafters Round 1 craft. I had this wonderful idea that I just couldn't get to work out. I had been up all night the night before and had to have it in by 11:00 AM. So I had to regroup and try to come up with something else and boy did I. The crafts are in and need to be voted on. Please, Please, Please go vote, and if you can't vote for me vote anyway.
The theme was Valentine's Day which is February 14th and my Birthday. "Love Magnet" is #14,

Can't wait till Monday to see who moves on!!!!
Please go over and vote!
Blessings, Lori

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Here's what I love today... What do you love today?

This is my precious husband, Lynn , who is always making us laugh. He even laughs at himself. He has been so sweet to me the last few days. I have been working on my craft for Round 1 of American Crafters. Needless to say I have been a mess!!!!! He's been so helpful and encouraging and today when I couldn't get my pictures to load for my entry he was trying to help me. Now this wonderful man doesn't know one thing about computers. How sweet is that!!!!!! He takes really good care of me, our family and our aging parents!!!
Just wanted you all to know how much I love him.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whoos Blog Hopping Today...

Tera over at Give it to me Tara is having a Mid Week Blog. Come on and join us!!!
Hoping you Scavenger Hunting with us.
Blessings, Lori

Whooo Whooo Day Two

Whooo Whee to Day Three

WHOOO LOVES SOME FUN, SCAVENGER HUNT Activity. So here's how to play, you MUST be a follower. Pick one Blogger from my Blog List & visit their blog, if you like it follow them. Comment who you visited. Be sure to add your email to the comment. A winner will be chosen by and you'll know by morning.Please Grab My Button!! Encourage your friends, bloggers and any one else to come play with us.
We are having Whooo much  fun with the Scavenger Hunt. Please encourage all your blog buddies to come play and grab my button!

Submitting my Craft to American Carfters Round One competition today. Wish me luck.

Aimee & Stefanie are the winners for Day Two!!! Congratulations ladies! I have something special for both of you.

And the winner is...
Sandi over at like Christmas every single day  
Congrats Sandi,  you are the winner of these precious picture blocks from Melissa over at My House is Vanilla. She is a precious lady who is organizing The Great Create Craft Swap. If you would like to participate in the March Craft just let us know and we will get you the information. 
I will be sharing more about her later in the Hunt!!!

My Featured Blogger for day one was Beki over at The Rusted Chain. I'm not really sure how I found her but I am truly blessed by each of her blogs. She is a wonderful person.... I mean a real person with all the same things the rest of us feel. My favorite thing on her blog, besides her wonderful jewelery is Finger Print Friday. Please head over to her page and share your special Finger Print with us.
Thank you Beki for all you do.

Thanks to you special ladies that played. I will also be sending you something special. As you can see I'm new to all this and have much to learn. The format should be a little more user friendly today.
Day 2 is on it's way.... encourage everyone to join us!!!!

Blessings, Lori

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Got your hunting clothes on.......

If your still looking you better hurry up.....
You don't want to be left in the rain.......
cause you might just rust.....

Hope everyone is having a as much fun as I am. The winner will be posted in the morning and you'll find out what wonderful gift awaits you.
Happy Hunting,

PS. No Poet Here

The Hunt Is On

The Hunt is on....... "WHOOO Loves Some Fun, Scavenger Hunt"
Clue #1
You are looking for a blogger that is new to me......
She has a beautiful spirit, a precious family and lives on a farm.....
And makes the most beautiful things....

Clue #2
I am always inspired when I read the blog......
               She could take a shot but you would never know........

Clue #3
I can see her fingerprints on everything she makes.......