Friday, February 26, 2010

One Of Those Days

It has been one of those days... actually one of those weeks!!!!! I woke up at 4:30 AM and couldn't get back to sleep and I needed to be at work early so I got busy and was at the store by 7:00 AM. Needing to get Graham's 1st birthday things done because we haven't had the time to run them during the day. They are sooooo cute. I can't wait for you to see them, will post pictures tomorrow. We are really busy and are so thankful to God for being generous with us. It just seems that I can't get anything done at work!!!! Could be the ADD!!!! I know there are those of you that don't believe in ADD. Well let me tell you it's real. Now I'm not talking about acting out, being disrespectful, those kids that need a real attitude adjustment with the do-right stick. I'm talking about those of us that have a hard time keeping focused, not being able to multitask because you don't know where you are when you are interrupted, really just all over the place. It has been said "People with ADD are real creative” and that's me. Anyway the day went downhill from there. I turned over a LARGE cup of coffee on my desk. It poured all over our lap top, all the papers on one side, my check book, everywhere. Worried about the computer I turned it on its side and the coffee POURED out!!! Not thinking this is going to turn out good. Lynn read about saving your wet computer so we are not going to turn it on for 48 hours. Hopefully it will be OK. All I have been able to smell since this accident is coffee. I love me some coffee. I can drink it hot or cold and prefer to drink it black. So much for today. Then the Lacey was working on a project and messed it up. It could cost us $45.00. Hopefully we can fix it on Monday. The Week...Wednesday and Thursday we were doing a special brand of cap for one of our most special customer. The caps are a real bugger to run. We broke probably 20 needles getting 12 caps done. Earlier in the week we had a BIG whoops. Not really something I want to share. Just been one of those weeks. I know that God wants me to lean on him during the good and bad. My prayer is that I will seek him always. Looking forward to sharing my Saturday with Graham, Jeremy, Laura and all the folks that will be at Graham's party.