Thursday, October 14, 2010

A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones. Proverbs 15:30

A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones. Proverbs 15:30 Today was a wonderful day. We shared literature with two villages. Is where we placed two benches last October while we were in Bovec. One had the Romans 1:20 and the other has John 3:16. There is a special story that I just have to share with you about these benches. Before we placed them last year we had permission to put them at the public bus stop. They are beautiful and in a great place on the main road. After we left the person over the area, kind of like a County Judge called Joe and told him they would have to be removed. So Joe went and took them away. The people there circulated a petition throughout the village. Everyone wanted them returned. They delivered the petition to the person responsible and told them to return the benches. Can you see God working here? We also went to Cezsoca today. We delivered literature there last year as well. The people there were so kind and J.P. had several discussions. We had a wonderful lunch and the waiter was so kind and helpful to us. Before we left J.P. shared the book of John with the question card and a pen with the question website on it. They discussed the book of John briefly and the young man seemed interested. After finishing the literature distribution we headed to the Boca which is a HUGE waterfall and it is just beautiful. We shared a wonderful laugh about the sign containing Most Boca. This in Slovene is Boca Bridge. There was no water in the riverbed under the bridge and we just thought it funny that there was no water in the Most Boca. Guess it was a location thing. Hee Hee !!!! We decided to hike a just a little closer to the waterfall so that we could get better pictures. Well we hiked and hiked up, up and up. We didn’t get to the top which is a 3 hour hike because there wasn’t enough daylight and because most of us would be dead. I say most of us because that Becky is a hiking machine. J.P. does a great job hiking as well. We decided we would go back to the same restaurant for our evening meal. Becky kept the girls so that Kim could go with us. She doesn’t get to go out often because they don’t have babysitters or family help. OK ladies can you imagine not having any help with your children. I’m talking NO HELP. It was a special evening for all of us. We headed home and here I am sharing with you. I wanted to share a little about what the guys are doing. They finished all 6 benches today and all of them are placed. WOW that is a HUGE deal. They also have one additional bench that we didn’t plan on building but have the supplies to complete it. The special thing about this is there is a new golf course (just opened) here in Bovec and the owner would like to have it there. J.P. and Joe are working on a ministry project with golf that they will be sharing in the coming days. They are going to need golfers from the states. Gods timing is perfect. Sometime I get tickled when I see it. Do you ever do that? Lynn loves golf and had an opportunity to talk with the owner, J.P. and Joe to discuss this project. Had he come here at any other time! Also one of the benches was placed in town and a lady that can see the bench came by Joe’s house and told him she was upset because she was atheist. The bench is on some other persons land but she is mad because she has to look at it. There are many ways to look at this but as I set here typing at 11:04 PM our time and 4:04 PM your time God has impressed upon me this. How often are we mad at someone or something in our church because of what we want or what we think, which really has nothing to do with Jesus or sharing the Good News? How many time do we have the screaming ME ME’s? I know I have them way too much. Just some food for thought and I am way too full of myself. Please continue to pray for the people of Slovenia, the missionaries and their families and for all of us. Pray that we all will be changed. Thank you for taking your time to share with us on this special trip. I hope you can get a glimpse of the glory of God. Because He First Loved Us, Lori