Monday, October 5, 2009

Finally Rested

Good Morning, It is Great to be home. We arrived home a week ago tonight and it has taken my body that much time to fully recover. Sorry that I didn't post much while I was away. The computer was hard to come by and the Internet didn't always work. We had an awesome time, learned so much and will never be the same. J. P., Angie and Bethany are the missionary family that we worked with. WOW!!!!! What dedication they have. They have given all of their life, I mean ALL of their life for God. They are truly sold out. Think about it, they leave all of their family and friends in the states, travel to a LOST country send their kids to school in another country, all this to share the Love of Christ. My prayer is that I can be that sold out. I hope to post lots of pictures in the days to come. Please pray for the missionaries in Slovenia. J. P. & Angie Manley, Randy & Joan Bell and Jo and Kim Kelly and their families.