Sunday, May 22, 2011

Waking up with Jesus

Mrs. Story is waking up with Jesus today. She passed away yesterday at 9:03 in the morning. We are so blessed and thankful in knowing that she is no longer suffering, no longer struggling for a breath, no longer longing to be with her Lord and Savior. She was such a wonderful Christian lady who wanted all her family members to know and have a relationship with the Lord. She started reading her Bible through on January 1, 2011 with our church and kept up until her last days of which our special care givers continued in reading it to her until the end. What a testamony to her loved ones about her relationship with the Lord.
"A faith that fizzles before the finish, was faulty from the start." Isaiah 58:13 I found this in her bible and this is how she felt. Her faith and love for the Lord was her life. She and Monroe, her husband had the most wonderful marriage and love for each other. I've never had the opportunity to see this before. When Mr. Story came in the room after she had been gone for a while. He stood up out of his wheel chair and kissed her on the mouth. I could only cry. The love of his life was gone.  He has sat with her, patted her, prayed over her, helped her do all those things she couldn't because of RA for the past years. What an example of what real love is. My prayer is that the family will see that this is how God planned for marriage to be. We will celebrate her life today and tomorrow. You can find the information on her services at the following link.
Because of who He is, Lori


Natalie said...

Wow, what a BEAUTIFUL post, Lori! So inspiring! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is such an incredible blessing, isn't it! I can't imagine life without it, death would be so awful! But we know where our loved ones are, and we know we will see them again and this is what gets us through the sorrow of death. To Christians, it's more of a "graduation" of sorts...they have completed the HARDEST test of the eternities, and have graduated on to return to their Heavenly Father and to cheer us on from the other side. Lots of hugs and prayers heading your way from me! :)

A said...

Praying for you all. She seemed like an amazing woman.

Michelle said...

So sorry for Mr. Story, Lynn and the rest of the Story family, yet so happy for Mrs. Story to see her Savior face to face. May we all finish our race as faithfully.In our prayers,

Laura said...

So glad she is not suffering anymore...but I know it's hard for y'all. I wonder what her and Jesus are talking about..?? We love yall so much and we will see you soon:)

Holly said...

So sorry to hear this but glad we know she is much happier. Thinking of you and your family!

Gary and Kelli said...

Lori and family - I'm so sorry about Mrs. Story - but Oh my to be there with our Lord and Savior!!! I'm sure she's dancing on those streets of gold!

Praying for you all.

Love ya girl!