Saturday, September 4, 2010

Weekend with the Grands

Last weekend was one of the best I've had in many months. We had the wonderful opportunity to see all the Grand-boys & girl. Jeremy, Laura and Graham came on Friday evening and spent the night. We always love when they come. Love spending time with sweet Graham. He is growing up so much and is really smart. Never is still a minute unless he is asleep. Reminds me so much of his daddy. He is our newest Barney fan!!! We love Barney and this Barney is very special to me. Our Slovenia missionaries JP and Angela Manley shared this with me last year while I was there. There kids have out grown him. What a blessing this has been to our family. Graham and his precious Mother, Laura. I truly admire her for being a stay at home mother. It's not an easy job and she does it with such grace. It is evident that she loves the Lord and depends on Him for her strength. This is our newest Grand, Bliss. She is the only girl and is so precious. It was so good to see her. These are all the Grand boys, Mack, Graham, Connor and Reed. What a mess they are. We rarely have them all together. So it was a special treat for all of us. Mack, Reed & Connor had their first cousin sleep over at Pop & Grams' on Saturday night. That's right, we had three little ones spend the night and get ready for church. It has been a L O N G T I M E since I have had three little ones at one time. We had a BLAST!!!!!! We had a few things planned for them and they had lots of fun. Our neighbors built an Awesome tree house for their grands a few weeks ago and are allowing us to share. The boys had so much fun. Reed & Connor wanted to go to the top and right away. HA HA Pop had to get up there to keep them safe. They all loved the slide. After the big Tree House we headed to the pool. What fun we had. Connor has been swimming by himself for most of the summer. Reed came for swimming lessons and is doing so good in the water. All he wanted to do was go under & under & under. Pop was so good to do that with him. Mack is still a little leery of the water but he did a great job and Grams was so proud of him. Connor was cold so he got out and wanted me to wrap him up. Getting them all to sleep was a bigger challenge that I realized. But after getting them to sleep, they slept all night and all woke up dry. Yea!!!! Getting them feed and ready for church was a, well let's just say that I was glad when we got there. Reed went with Connor to his class and Mack went to his class. They all stayed for kids church. After church we walked down to Lynn's parents. They always enjoy seeing the boys. While there the boys decided they wanted to play the piano. How cute are they? I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I've enjoyed sharing this with you. God has given us a wonderful opportunity to share his love with our family. We fail him often but are striving to be more like him daily. With love, Lori


Kecia said...

How precious! Great pictures--you are blessed. :)

Laura said...

What a sweet post!! Graham had fun with y'all and all his big cousins:)